Version 3.4 – Feb 2, 2024

New feature of mandatory session purchase.
Basic Member Search Added Cell Phone column and modified home phone no.
In Event added new column show Event App and IR-1577 resolved.

Version 3.3 – Jan 26, 2024

New Recurring donations feature
Revamped donation list and added QR Code for donations.
Added logic to send email to client when registered in trip.
Added logic to send cc email to client when donated.
Fixed booth number parsing issue.
update api changes
Added logic to send email to client when invoice cancelled in event/exhibition/trip.
Update mobile ads changes
Fixed sending email to client when invoice updated.
Sent email to invoice and notification list when invoice updated in event.
Fix logic to send copy to email to client when exhibition invoice updated.
Session waived feature in sessions for member events.
Exhibition Report and Confirmed exhibition invoice, cancelled exhibition invoice and all exhibition invoice reports.”

Version 3.2 – Jan 25, 2024

Fixed renewing free membership.


Version 3.1 – Dec 20, 2023

Implemented email templates for exhibition invoice.
Fixed sending exhibition email template while registering.
Implemented BCC & CC fields in bulk email sending.
Fixed invoice while editing multiple charts.
Implemented donation email templates.
Fixed donation & exhibition report.


Version 3.0 – Nov 27, 2023

Event Registration user interface issue fixed.
Stripe credit card integration in Trip & Tour module.


Version 2.9 – Nov 2, 2023
Dashboard UI second issue has been resolved.
Admin Dashboard UI module wise color fixed.
Admin Dashboard added Grand Total and Unique members detail.
Admin Dashboard Membership type count added and some text correction are done.
Admin Dashboard label changes.


Version 2.8 – Oct 19, 2023

Dashboard UI second issue has been resolved.
Admin Dashboard UI module wise colour fixed.
Admin Dashboard added grand total and unique members detail.
Admin Dashboard Membership type count added and some text corrections are done.
Admin Dashboard label changes.


Version 2.7 – Oct 10, 2023

Added logic to allow user/member payment via electronic check in donation.
New dashboard added in admin panel.


Version 2.6 – Sep 27, 2023

eCheck integration  in Trip and Tour module.
eCheck integration in exhibition module.
Added logic to make passport number & DOB optional in Trip and Tour module.
Fixed name space issue when access denied in exhibition registration


Version 2.5 – Sep 20, 2023

Preset amount feature in Donation page.
Invoices related bugs fixes.
Integrated eCheck with event registration.
Add button to copy donation url to clipboard.
Fixed issue in sending Trip and Tour Module registration email.
Fixed editing invoice issue with eCheck.
Donation user interface revamp with eCheck integration.


Version 2.4 – August 8th, 2023

  1. Add custom questions in Membership Module.
  2. Fixed UI Exhibition and Its Invoices.
  3. Fixed UI Donation & Event Module.


Version 2.3– June 6th, 2023

  1. Fixed Redirection issue for membership.
  2. Optimize exhibition registration
  3. Optimize event list and Report.
  4. Bug Fixed related to invoices.


Version 2.2 – May 22nd, 2023

  1. Export trip Participants in different file format.
  2. Fixes UI.
  3. Trips&Tours registration report is now completed.
  4. Radio button added in the Event to filter from event list.
  5. Data table column adjustment is fixed.
  6. Different Bugs and Errors were fixed.


Version 2.1 – April 26th, 2023
1-Button to reload screen once bulk email sent.
2-Fixed bulk email title.
3-You can now add predefined donation amounts.
4-Added missing back button in email transaction screen.
5-Fixed several UI issues.
6-Optimized basic member page.
7-Bug fixes


IdeasRegistration is constantly being updated with new features and adjustments. You can always view the most recent update information in the full changelog below.

Version 2.0 – March 15th, 2023

  1. Added feature to send email to multiple participants from donations, event, exhibition, trips & tours & member module.
  2. View email transactions status sent to participants.
  3. Fixed active donations sorting issue.
  4. Added registration mode in event to avoid members/public registration.
  5. Added registration mode in exhibition to avoid members/public registration.
  6. Added radio buttons to filter active/inactive T&T.
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