Donation Module (Client Support)

Create Donation(Client Support)

Donation can be created in the system so that member and non-member can donate. Visit client portal Navigate to the menu click on Donation and you will land on Donation page, an existing donation list will be seen (if any) Click on create button, to create a new donation Fill in the information and click […]

Donation by Member

Sign in as Member Click on the donation link on the sidebar and member will be redirected to the donations list page To choose the project click on Donate button, Fill the form and continue with the payment to complete donation process. A Thank you email goes to member as well as client with confirmation […]

Make a Donation (As a Non-Member)

Visit the donation URL specific to a client Choose the project you would like to donate Fill the form and submit A Thank you email goes to user as well as client with confirmation Client can view the donation details in Donation Report

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